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About Us

Welcome to Hotland Electronics (ShenZhen)Co.,Ltd! As a leading player in the Inductive Manufacturing industry, our company specializes in Engineer Selection, Professional R&D, and convenient online ordering. With our core products, such as HATLVR-090613 and Mini molding choke 2520 series, we ensure superior quality and reliable solutions.

Our Mission

At Hotland Electronics (ShenZhen)Co.Ltd, our goal is to revolutionize the Inductive Manufacturing industry. We strive to provide innovative and high-quality products that exceed customer expectations. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement and technological advancement, we aim to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and drive sustainable growth for our clients.

Our Value

At Hotland Electronics (ShenZhen)Co.,Ltd, we are revolutionizing the Inductive Manufacturing industry. With cutting-edge technology and unwavering dedication to quality, we deliver exceptional products that exceed expectations. Our commitment to innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction sets us apart, making us the go-to choice for all your electronic needs.

Our Core Services

Engineer Selection

Welcome to Hotland Electronics (ShenZhen)Co.,Ltd! As leaders in the Inductive Manufacturing industry, our core service, Engineer Selection, sets us apart. We take pride in offering a tailored and efficient process to connect your business with highly skilled and experienced engineers who are committed to driving your projects to success. Whether you require electrical, mechanical, or software engineering, our dedicated team will guide you through the selection process, ensuring seamless integration and maximum efficiency for your projects. We will help you to the maximum extent possible through our products.

Why Choose Us

Why choose us? At Hotland Electronics (ShenZhen)Co. we are a leading player in the Inductive Manufacturing industry. With our exceptional services, including Engineer Selection, a Professional R&D team, and the convenience of ordering online. Our core products, such as the HATLVR-090613 and Mini molding choke 2520 series, along with the Molding chokes HTFA-0430, are designed to provide superior performance and reliability. We will be your most trusted partner!


- HATLVR-120612 is a cutting-edge inductive manufacturing product that sets the benchmark in the industry.

- Our core product is equipped with advanced features and technology, ensuring high-quality and efficient manufacturing processes.HATLVR-120612 stands out among competitors due to its exceptional performance and reliability.

- Our core product offers a wide range of applications, catering to the diverse needs of the manufacturing industry.

- With our core product, we guarantee increased productivity, reduced downtime, and improved overall manufacturing efficiency.

Mini Molding Choke 2520 Series

- Mini molding choke 2520 series: a cutting-edge product that sets new standards in the Inductive Manufacturing industry

- Advanced technology: incorporating the latest advancements, our product ensures superior efficiency and accuracy

- Exceptional durability: built to last, our product guarantees long-term performance and minimal maintenance requirements

- Cost-effective solution: offering an excellent price-to-performance ratio, our Mini molding choke 2520 series provides great value for money

- Customizability: catering to diverse customer needs, our product can be tailored to specific requirements, ensuring maximum satisfaction.

Molding Chokes FTGG-040412

- Our core product, the Molding chokes FTGG-040412, is a highly competitive offering in the Inductive Manufacturing industry.

- The Molding chokes FTGG-040412 is designed with precision and expertise, ensuring optimal functionality and reliability.

- This core product offers superior performance compared to competitors, delivering high efficiency and excellent power handling capabilities.

- With our Molding chokes FTGG-040412, customers can experience reduced power losses, increased system stability, and improved overall performance.


Our advantages in the Inductive Manufacturing industry are numerous, positioning us as a highly competitive player in the market. Firstly, our extensive range of industry certificates obtained over the years showcases our commitment to quality and adherence to international standards, giving our customers peace of mind and assurance of excellence. Secondly, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities equipped with advanced technology and innovative machinery enable us to deliver products of superior quality, precision, and efficiency.